Arab spring

Ahmed Naguib: We are all teachers and students

Ahmed Naguib has a great passion for education reform and management and has worked on initiatives to empower women, youth and marginalised communities by facilitating access to quality higher education and training opportunities. He has been at the centre of the transformational change in Egypt. After putting together the organising committee of the first sit-in in Tahrir he went on to become the spokesperson for the Trustees Council of the Revolution, a member of the board of the High Commission on National Dialogue.

NECE Partners: “What does Europe think?”

A very heated and stimulating debate took place yesterday morning when looking at the way the European press pictures the uprisings in North Africa in the forum 'Brave Muslims finally fighting for Western democracy? Reflections of the Arab Spring in European media'.

Gregor Hackmack & Ghada Louhichi: Web 2.0

Gregor Hackmack is co-founder of, an independent platform that gives German citizens the opportunity to ask public questions and receive public answers from their members of parliament over the Internet. Ghada Louhichi has established one year ago. The objective of the Tunisian platform is to provide citizens with easier and free access to information related to their elected representatives and the writing of the new constitution.

Ahmed Zidan: We like sharing

Ahmed Zidan is an editor of two websites run in Egypt: and, both social networks and platforms of exchange. It is his first NECE conference.

Mona Shahein: Democracy has to be taken

Mona Shahein from Egypt runs the project in Cairo. The network wants to build a strong and tolerant community for young people which is capable of recruiting positive energies on the social and political levels.

“Let's work together!”

Yesterday evening began the NECE conference “Participation Now! - Citizenship Education and Democracy in Times of Change” in Córdoba, Spain. This year's forum intends to provide a platform for dialogue, networking, and co-operation around the issue of the impact that the Euro crisis and the Arab Spring have on possibilities for democratic education and participation.

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