Here are a few of many interesting quotes from speakers and participants that enriched discussions and dialogue and can give further food for thought.


  • “Invest in crazy ideas and experiments!”

  • “Fail fast, fail hard, fail often! This is the only way to learn and succeed.”

  • “Co-operation makes sense when both parties are willing to admit that they are sometimes ignorant about things they claim to know.”

  • “Politics has lost the power to transform and as a result has become just a bureaucracy that manages the process but doesn't lead it.”

  • “Good Governance is the will to learn, to develop, and to reflect.”

  • “Civic education is not taught but practiced.”

  • “Citizens are not clients and states are not managers.”

  • “Participation can be frustrating.” 

  • “Exchange is always positive, it teaches many values which the other ignores or hardly understands.”

  • “Each country or region is unique in terms of culture and traditions.”

  • “Inter-religious tolerance can be only achieved by looking at a person first as a human being.”

  • “No one in Europe has a monopoly for good slogans.”

  • “Your history and memories are not mine, but that's OK.”

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