NECE Conference starts today

This years NECE Conference starts today in Córdoba Spain. It will address current phenomena concerning democracy and participation in the face of worldwide processes of change. The developments in the Arab world after the "Arab Spring" in 2011 and the crisis of the EU will be the focus of attention. The aim of the conference is to provide a platform for dialogue and exchange between scientists, practitioners of citizenship and human rights education, governmental and non-governmental institutions from Europe and Arabic countries in transition. The theoretical and practical parts of the programme shall consider the following guiding questions: 

  • What can we learn from each other? What are common concerns and differences?
  • Which narratives/ images determine the mutual perceptions?
  • How can citizenship and human rights education contribute to participation and change?
  • Where does exchange and cooperation make sense?

Visit by Egyptian Multipliers on the Subject of Civic Education 

These questions were already tackled during the visit of a delegation of Egyption Mulipliers at the Federal Agency for Civic Education in Bonn last Thursday. 13 participants from different parts and organisations of Egypt (i.e. Tahrir Lounge, Assiut Human Rights, Intercultural Youth Dialogue Foundation), two attendants of the GOETHE Institute Kairo which helped realizing this encounter, some collegues of the bpb and invited guests shared their perspectives and opinions with each other on democracy, youth and civic education and other topics. 

In the frame of smaller group discussions, networking during lunch and open plenaries all of the attendants took the opportunity to learn from the others by creating a critical and inspiring interactive atmosphere at the same time.

All in all this day was a productive and motivating kick-off for Córdoba!


Citizenship Education