Messages for Europe and North Africa

On the last conference day, we asked some of the participants the outcomes after four days of exchange and collaboration. Agnieszka from Poland, Maartje from the Netherlands, Gihan from Egypt and Gunnar from Norway let us know their messages for Europe and North Africa.

“We have learned more from them, than we taught them”

With a speech by the political theorist Benjamin Barber (USA) and a discussion round with him, Ahmed Driss, Centre of Mediterranean and International Studies (Tunisia), and Noha El-Mikawy from the Ford Foundation (Egypt), this “wonderful festival of thought” was closed.


Ahmed Naguib: We are all teachers and students

Ahmed Naguib has a great passion for education reform and management and has worked on initiatives to empower women, youth and marginalised communities by facilitating access to quality higher education and training opportunities. He has been at the centre of the transformational change in Egypt. After putting together the organising committee of the first sit-in in Tahrir he went on to become the spokesperson for the Trustees Council of the Revolution, a member of the board of the High Commission on National Dialogue.

NECE Partners: “What does Europe think?”

A very heated and stimulating debate took place yesterday morning when looking at the way the European press pictures the uprisings in North Africa in the forum 'Brave Muslims finally fighting for Western democracy? Reflections of the Arab Spring in European media'.


Here are a few of many interesting quotes from speakers and participants that enriched discussions and dialogue and can give further food for thought.


  • “Invest in crazy ideas and experiments!”

  • “Fail fast, fail hard, fail often! This is the only way to learn and succeed.”

  • “Co-operation makes sense when both parties are willing to admit that they are sometimes ignorant about things they claim to know.”

Azelarabe Lahkim Bennani

Azelarabe Lahkim Bennani is professor of Modern Philosophy and the Philosophy of Language at the University of Fès in Morocco. It is his first NECE conference.

Amr Sobhy: Morsi Meter

Amr Sobhy from Egypt is a young published author and co-founded, an online tool monitoring the performance of the new Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi.


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